Time seems to slip by at an amazing clip these days. Graduations, holidays, vacations, long weekends are just some of the ways we enjoy summer. Some people look to fall for schools back in session, football, outdoor walks, leaves beginning to change to brilliant reds, yellows, orange and a palette of colors that are almost indescribable. We see the days begin to get shorter, the breeze cooler and t-shirts and shorts give way to sweaters and long pants.
Fall for me begins a time of reflection, gazing back over months that have passed, trips taken and accomplishments of projects done. I can now look at the pictures to recall the memories of the moment, the joy and the fulfilled anticipation of a goal met.
We strive to gain wisdom and knowledge along the way, books read, places visited, new experiences valued. These things give us meaning and allow us to continue to grow.
It won’t be long before the pumpkins are out with their craved smiles, candles lighting their presence in the neighborhood. Just another reminder of time passing.
I hope your summer has been an adventure and you’ve been able to experience the joy of life.2013-06-30 13.16.47