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Like most of us, I find myself skeptical of trying new things until I have a reason. Over the years I have been fortunate to travel around the world and a few years ago I was at a Trade Show in China and spotted a new type of light, LED’s. I was intrigued but not to the point of spending the money on these “high-priced” bulbs for my own home.

A few months ago, we were approached by a local company who features LED lights. We were given the opportunity to try them and to our surprise, they really do save substantial dollars on electric. Our building is now being outfitted with T8 style bulbs to replace the old florescent bulbs. An additional benefit with the new bulbs, carbon fiber tubes, so no breakage or shattering of the bulb, no ballast replacement since the new bulbs are taking current directly.

I am amazed with the longevity of the bulbs. The ones we are installing have an estimated 50,000 hour life and could be longer depending on use. That means in 20-30 years someone else will have to install new ones. Who knows what technology will be like then.

I am attaching this comparison sheet of LED vs Florescent vs Incandescent bulbs. It is an eye-opener.

A few key points to remember:

1 – Check the manufacturer of the bulbs. There are some world-class ones and some knock-offs.

2 – Don’t let price be the final decision point. Most bulbs are within $3-5 dollars but quality of the bulb, life expectancy and projected hours are key calculations.

As a disclaimer – we do offer LED lights & bulbs through a corporate partner, CKS Energy Solutions.