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Been reading lots of comments about the “staged” web ad that features Jeff Gordon disguised as someone else going for a test drive of a used Camaro in a Pepsi Max commercial.

Well, here’s my 2 Cents! I don’t care if it was staged or not…it was funny! Wasn’t the purpose of the ad to create a buzz surrounding the product while delivering a memorable experience for the viewer/consumer? I think they met their goal. Over 7 million views in about a 48 hour window is pretty amazing.

When was the last time you went to an action movie and the actors performed all their own stunts? Now critics are blasting Jeff for not being the driver who performed all the skills in the ad.

It’s hard to please everyone I suppose. What happened to just enjoying something for what it is and not having to be judgmental and nitpick it to death?

Enjoy the spot!