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Sometimes you come across products by accident that intrigue the mind. Not long ago I found such a company with a unique product mix. As I have grown older, traveled the world, experienced new concepts and seen old ideas in action, I have learned to appreciate my childhood & our lifestyle in a better light.

I grew up on a farm in Kentucky, living close to my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends in a small community. Everyone knew each other, helped as needed, provided food, clothes and supplies without hesitation. We always raised too big a garden, canned extra, filled the smokehouse with meat and kept too many chickens. In the summer when the garden started to produce and the eggs were overflowing, grandpa would load his pickup with the “excess” and head to town to distribute to the elderly and shut-ins, the “preacher’s family” and anyone who was in need. I can remember many a trip, helping to lift the bushel basket loaded with vegetables, eggs, milk, jellies and preserves and the joy of seeing the face of my grandpa & grandma as they shared the bounty of the land. They never asked for anything in return, just the joy of giving to whomever needed it.

The reason I tell the story is to give you a sense of what can happen when we reflect on our roots, draw from our experience and apply it to our lives today.

As I mentioned at the top, I ran across a company whose products intrigue me. Everyone knows we need to be responsible for leaving this world a better place for the next generation. To those ends, I find that bringing to market new technology for saving energy is a key driver in helping conserve the planet. I am not a “tree-hugger” but I do feel that it’s important to utilize resources wisely.

LED lighting brings a whole new dimension to our lives. The savings on electric costs, the environmental impact vs bulb technology is staggering as well as the overall savings to the natural resources in oil, gas, coal and hydro. LED technology can save 40-80% in normal costs vs today’s bulb lights which in turn creates substantial savings in the long run. Cost of the LED bulbs are higher initially but they last 3-5x times longer and could be longer depending on usage. http://ckssolution.com/led.html

A new innovation to cost savings is the introduction of the ESS-Force unit. The unit attaches to the electric leads in the power box and creates a “smoothing” effect for the electric output. This creates savings in a number of ways but primarily helping in making electric more efficient. It is explained more thoroughly on the CKS Solution website. The unique patented concept has been in use outside the USA market for a few years and has documented research to substantiate the savings.

If you’re interested in learning more about these products, contact me.

Being in the forefront of new ideas is an exciting concept and keeps one young!