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During a conversation with a craftsman/entrepreneur recently, we started discussing random ideas about how his products are merchandised and then used by the customer. His product at retail is done nicely with a creative see-through package that allows the customer to see the product. It doesn’t allow it to be handled but it is one step closer to the see, touch, smell test that most consumers use when purchasing a higher end product.

Thinking about how to get his product to the next level requires some creativity. We have created a design that should work; however, we haven’t tested it yet. How much time do you spend as a business person thinking through all of the presentation points for your customers? It’s important to develop a marketing plan that will consider all facets of the sales process.

Most business people are myopic when it comes to their product. To really be effective and to create a buying experience for the customer, you have to step back and walk yourself through the process, from start to finish.

How is my product made? Does it meet customer requirements? How will my product ship? Who handles the logistics and fulfillment? What’s the package style?

There are a thousand other details in this process. You have to understand all aspects of the manufacturing, sourcing, pricing, sales and marketing, accounting and fulfillment. Play to your strength’s, find trusted associates or partners to strengthen your weakness.