Sometimes we get surprised by events and happenings in our lives. Just heard late today that one of the guys I worked with for a number of years died from a blood clot. Pneumonia lead to a blood clot in his lungs that passed to his heart. Not a pleasant thought.

Robert was one of those characters in life. He worked in customer service as a technical expert. Big booming voice that could be heard all over the floor. Huge laugh and great sense of humor. He connected with customers in a special way. They called and would ask for him. He moved mountains to get parts or technical information for his customers. He was recognized across the globe for his expertise.

Working with people like Robert made the job fun and enjoyable. Even though we didn’t see eye to eye on social issues that didn’t stop us from being friends. He loved golf and played with passion.

He will be missed by his family, friends and extended network of people he came in contact with over the phone, email, fax or in person.