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Lots of products look alike.

A key selling point in moving product off the shelf and to a purchase is how to set your-self apart from the competition.

Most manufacturers will highlight the features and benefits versus the competition. That works in some cases were the consumer is familiar with the products and their function.

If you are introducing a new product line that’s unfamiliar to customers, you need to think differently.

Having your products available for inspection is key!!!

On the shelf most products can look the same. Customers need to have a reason to spend money to purchase your products. If everything is equal, most customers will purchase a brand name or go to the cheapest due to their experience with the products or their perception of the brand and its qualities.

How do you break through the “noise”?

Providing an inviting retail POP display where customers can “see, touch and feel” is important. The product has to “break away” from the competition. Information on a product card along with specifications and uses for the tool is key to creating a purchasing decision.

There are new technologies such as QR codes that provide consumers the opportunity to download in-depth information for your product. Most manufacturers don’t have unlimited budgets but this is a creative way to break through.

Quick Tip:

Consumers need to have a justification for their purchase decision. Defining these elements can lead to an informed buying process and create fewer returns.