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Where does the idea come from?

Over the years while working for one of the major tool brands, we routinely created custom display holders to showcase these products for our retail partners. Custom holders and racks were specifically designed to showcase our tools for the customer. If the customer was attracted our tools vs. our competition, so much the better. It was a great way for us to highlight the product and to create a good buying atmosphere for our customers.

After leaving the tool company I began to look at opportunities for creating a new business venture. As with most of us, ideas flow but someone else seems to have beaten us to market. Same with me or so I thought. As I looked at tool storage options, I realized there were only some J-hooks or generic style brackets for customers to pick from and nothing designed specifically for power tools and accessories.

My garage is probably like most of yours,  tools are sitting on the shelf or still in boxes or in the cabinet; hoses are curled in corners, cords are tangled on the shelf. You have to dig through them to find what you’re looking for to use on projects.  I’ve been in lots of workshops, on factory floors and construction sites were tools are not stored or secured when not in use.

So the idea for toolhangerz was born. The goal is to create products that are durable, rugged and designed for use by anyone. Lots of money is spent on tools and accessories and there is a need to protect the investment. Storage and organization also helps in creating a safer environment to work and helps create efficiencies in the workplace.

I also have a passion for bringing new jobs to the US market and utilizing the talent of great toolmakers. Our manufacturing partners are located in the US and have a long history of providing excellent products and services to their customers. We will continue to offer products Made in the USA. We believe we can compete with anyone in the world on quality, design and price. We stand behind our products.

Building a business is fun, exciting, harried, frustrating and rewarding. I am thankful for all of the advice and wisdom passed on to me by a wide variety of passionate people. I look forward to the coming days, months and years as toolhangerz, ltd. grows.